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The Neo Marxist BBC must be brought to a swift end by the British people.

The anti-Trump bashing and undermining of Brexit by the BBC are notable examples that have proven beyond any doubt that the UK state broadcaster is an enemy of the British people.

Europhillic, infested with cultural marxism and pregnant with its own self importance, it is long past time there was a mass revolt against the TV tax and the subterfuge with which it masquerades as a ‘Licence fee’.

An enforced tax on watching live TV in 2017 is just pure lunacy.

What should our response be?

In the face of tyranny, the individual must make a stand. Making ‘watching Live TV and the BBC iPlayer’ a ‘criminal offence’ is not proper law. All it does is protect the private interests of an elite few. Such a ‘law’ has no credibility.

The spineless UK government seems determined, in the face of reason, to continue to perpetuate this unjust law to protect this corrupt organisation.

Our response should be one of continued refusal to fund the BBC consisting of:

(i) Cancelling any TV Licence and direct debits you have.
(ii) Don’t watch the iPlayer or live TV.
(iii) Having no further contact with the BBC’s TV Licensing Capita contractor in any form whatsoever.

There are the three simple rules to ensure you stay within the law and that the BBC’s TV Licensing arm cannot bring a successful action against you in court:

Rule 1. Detune your TVs and disconnect any aerials or satellite feeds and cut or tape up the ends. (This is to satisfy the requirement that TV Receivers must not be installed)
Rule 2. DO NOT watch or record ANY LIVE  TV or BBC iPlayer on ANY device for ANY reason. (You may watch OTHER Catch-Up TV services after they have been shown on TV)
Rule 3. At all times NEVER ADMIT to any TV Licensing representative that you have watched or recorded ANY LIVE TV or the BBC iPlayer on ANY device for ANY reason. Also NEVER ADMIT TO WATCHING ANY INTERNET STREAMING BROADCAST as it is also shown on TV. This can be SKY NEWS or AL-JAZZERRA originally beamed from Doha. Note this is not restricted to just BBC as some mistakenly believe. Only ever say you watch DVD’s/Netflix etc and (non-BBC iPlayer) Catch-Up TV only.

IDEALLY have ZERO further contact with any TV Licensing, G4S or Capita contractor representatives. If you answer the door by mistake and discover it is them, simply close the door. The BBC will always revert to the standard threat letter cycle which should be binned as soon as they arrive.

If the vote for Brexit is anything to go by, our so-called elected representatives do not represent the majority. Only by refusing to fund this BBC dinosaur can we have any hope of seeing an end to this tyranny.

A useful resource on all the sordid detail of TV Licensing can be found on this site: http://licencefree.co.uk