About the ‘BanTheBBC’ name

Despite the satirical name, I don’t want to ‘ban’ the BBC as such. The BBC can exist alongside any other mainstream media provider provided it obtains its own funding without recourse to state coercion or threats.

With the renewal of the BBC charter in 2016, it seems unlikely the BBC will ever give up its addiction to easy funding by the UK taxpayer. As it stands, the BBC continues to demonstrate an enthusiasm for taxpayer funding via the TV Licence simply because it does not have to compete in the free market for a customer base.

About the BBC and the TV Licence

For those outside of the UK not familiar with the TV Licence, this is the way the UK state funds the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In a nutshell, the TV Licence is government permission to watch any live TV (and more recently the BBC iPlayer) on any device within the borders of the UK. Watching TV without a licence issued by the BBC is a non-recordable minor criminal offence which is heard in UK magistrates’ court.

A conviction for ‘TV Licence evasion’ relies primairily on self incrimination for which an uninformed person is easy prey for the BBC’s Capita commission driven ‘sales’ enforcers.

Why I started this site

I began watching YouTube videos in early 2012 where people had filmed their encounters with TV Licence goons. I was incensed at the authoritarian and ruthless nature of the enforcement practices of this obscenely stupid tax. The enforcement practices of the TV Licence are abhorrent to any reasonably intelligent thinking person who is in favour of free choice over something as trivial as entertainment and news.

That the UK state would allow its state broadcaster to enforce this tax in this manner is quite simply an abuse of state power. The exercise of state coercive power should be reserved only for things of serious national necessity. Requiring state permission to watch live TV is a laughable anachronism dating back to the 1940’s when television was an emerging communication technology. The TV Licence is now long since redundant with the recent widespread availability of high speed Internet.

In an age of infinite choice for entertainment and news, the backward UK state persists in enforcing an anachronistic TV Licence to fund the BBC. This tax is of course enthusiastically enforced by the BBC’s commission driven TV Licence ‘sales’ bullies. Hundreds of thousands, mostly women, are prosecuted annually for this trivially minor ‘offence’ accounting for 10% of all criminal prosecutions in the UK.

The BBC has had its day and the TV Licence is a dinosaur of a bygone era.

BBC: A symptom of a much larger political disease

The BBC has its own percuilar political bias that reflects the viewpoints of the middle class centre-leftist metropolitan demographic that currently run it. Because of this bias, the BBC is an unwanted interference in the political process. Far from being ‘impartial’ this bias is overt and pervasive. It actively aims at social engineering British into accepting the tyranny of an insidious pro-immigration, multi-cultural political correctness in news, drama and political discourse disseminated on its numerous platforms. The BBC promotes a London-centric bourgeois centre-leftist thinking completely out of touch with the average person and the rest of the country. This is evidenced by their palpable surprise at the EU referendum result when the majority voted for Brexit. This malign influence in UK politics must be fought.


Thanks to the Internet, we have a platform to fight back against the propaganda of the BBC. The BBC (and other big media elites) no longer have a monopoly to control the message which attempt to engineer how people should think.

As long as the BBC receives public money it will continue to indulge in its metropolitan-bourgeois centre-leftist world view without any regard to those who are compelled to pay for it.