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An effective protest must include a refusal to fund the BBC. You can just cancel direct debits and have no further contact with the BBC or their goons (recommended) but usually you are entitled to a refund of the remaining part of the licence they make you pay in advance. You should, in addition to cancelling the direct debits, consider formally cancelling the TV Licence itself or they may continue to harass you for the money (which you are free to ignore provided you adopt a strict zero contact policy with them). If you do contact the BBC/TV Licensing give them no more information than is necessary to identify the Licence you wish to cancel. You do not need to justify to them why you are cancelling and there is no legal requirement for you to do so. You can simply say ‘I no longer watch any live TV or the BBC iPlayer’ and leave it at that. (You can watch any non BBC iPlayer catch up TV 100% legal and TV Licence free)

There are the four simple rules to ensure you stay within the law and that the BBC’s TV Licensing arm cannot bring a successful action against you in court:

Rule 1. Once you have cancelled your TV Licence, give ZERO further information and have ZERO further contact with any TV Licensing, G4S or BBC Capita appointed contractor representatives. If you answer the door by mistake and discover it is them, simply close the door. The BBC will always revert to the standard threat letter cycle which should be binned and shredded as soon as they arrive.
Rule 2. If a rare encounter with any BBC TV Licensing salesperson does occur, then ensure you NEVER ADMIT to them that you have watched or recorded ANY LIVE TV or the BBC iPlayer on ANY device for ANY reason. Also NEVER ADMIT TO WATCHING ANY INTERNET STREAMING BROADCAST as it is also shown on TV. This can be SKY NEWS or AL-JAZZERRA originally beamed from Doha. Note this is not restricted to just BBC as some mistakenly believe. Only ever say you watch DVD’s/Netflix etc and (non-BBC iPlayer) Catch-Up TV. Ideally just close the door.
Rule 3. Detune your TVs and disconnect any aerials or satellite feeds and cut or tape up the ends. (This is to satisfy the requirement that TV Receivers must not be installed)
Rule 4. DO NOT watch or record ANY LIVE  TV or BBC iPlayer on ANY device for ANY reason. (You may watch OTHER Catch-Up TV services after they have been shown on TV)

Remember: the most important rule is Rule 1 – have ZERO further contact with any TV Licensing representatives.

You can find all the sordid detail of TV Licensing and further useful information on this site: http://licencefree.co.uk