What we have witnessed in the past year is the most devastating, heinous, vicious psychological warfare waged against the British people over a virus with a global survival rate of 99.97%. The attack has been relentless, disturbing, while deploying the full resources of the UK state against the individual. The Johnson government ruthlessly used the uncritical mindless order-following police to impose lockdowns and mask wearing while employing professional psychologists to enhance the effectiveness of the virus fear campaign using sinister ‘nudge’ manipulation. Millions and millions of pounds were spent on ‘scary’ billboards and full front page newspaper spreads to scare people into compliance with government edicts.

This must be the first virus in history that has needed hordes of public relations consultants and advertising agencies to convince people of its ‘killer virus’ credentials. The virus scam has indeed been a boom for some with Lord Falconer, a Labour peer quoted as saying “Covid is the gift that keeps on giving for lawyers” not to mention the millions in cosy Tory minister associates benefiting from lucrative government PPE contracts.

Who is a true leader? Someone who leads by example and by their actions you know them – not by mere words. Piers Corbyn has stood against this covid madness from the outset. He has himself been arrested many times under the draconian “Coronavirus Act” and faces crippling and disproportionate fines for standing up to the UK state bullies. Too many politicians just ‘talk the talk’ but don’t ‘walk the walk’. Piers has truly put himself in harms way by demonstrating against the globalist’s Orwellian covid crackdown.

Piers has been smeared by the mainstream media and banned from Twitter for speaking his mind. This censorship is in fact a stamp of approval against the one party state globalist corporatism groupthink that now infects all silicon valley social media companies. This truly is a badge of honour that they try to silence this gentle man.

I’m fed up with being lied to by corporate mainstream politicians. By this I mean the well funded and oiled professional mainstream political parties with shady donors wielding malign influence from behind the scenes. What is not widely understood is these donors have enormous influence over their puppet candidates. The people you think you vote for inevitably are not the ones who end up in charge. Mainstream politicans are professional actors playing a dangerous and deadly role: lying for a living.

Here is a list straight out of the Mayor of London circular of Corbyn’s top 5 polices:

  • End all lockdowns
  • Spend more on serious illnesses
  • No Vaccine Passports Ever
  • Defend Council Housing & End Homelessness
  • Stop extension of ULEZ

Can’t fault a single point on this list.

Piers’s core values opposing this draconian state overreach are totally sound. With no big shady party funding donors hiding in the shadows, Piers Corbyn is the perfect choice for the London voter who wants someone decent and genuine to vote for other than corporate mainstream political parties.

I’ll be voting for Piers Corbyn and “Let London Live” candidates wherever they are standing.

Piers Corbyn wants YOU!

Come on my fellow Londoners, a modest man in a cardigan with no shady sicko globalist backers and an old school Nokia (non-smart) mobile phone…

What’s not to like !?